Color Gel: A Continuation of Tim Tadder’s Epic Imagery

Photographer and director, Tim Tadder, believes in continually accelerating his craft. This thinking is what drove him to earn a master’s degree in Visual Communication. This same yearning for improved story-telling is how the color gel experiment was born. We spoke to Tim about his latest personal project.

“In the vein of making images rather than taking them, I recently embarked on a personal project, a test of color gels. This color-on-color treatment was an exploration of indirect light on subjects.”



An artist’s work is an interpretation of the truth as they see it. Tim created a glowing effect on the subjects which allowed for accentuating form and shape while showing distortion.

“We were able to call attention to clean lines, to display vibrant colors and to achieve a subtle glow.”



Tim Tadder is fearless when it comes to creating work that reflects the passions he feels in his life; work that serves to start a conversation. Because this concept was atypical, Tim wanted to ensure it would be useful at creating the narrative he wanted to tell.



“I’m pleased with the experiment as it tested a theory, measured boundaries while also providing both haunting, and graphic images. The end-goal of this project was to create images that elicit a response. I hope they have.”

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