Tim Tadder’s Director’s Reel leaves us motivated and ready to take on the world.

“Building your reel is like working on your portfolio.  With a portfolio, you want to choose impactful images and sequence them in a way that tells an impactful story.  With a reel you have motion, and tell the story by creating and building tension through frames.”  – Tim Tadder


By Missy Hunter

Like most photographers, Tim Tadder’s work has evolved through his years of making images. From the time he developed his first print in his father’s studio darkroom at 12 years old to today, Tim’s work has advanced in epic proportions. He reflects on the road he took from photographer to director in a blog post shared with the debut of his first reel in 2017. He is a visual communicator in the truest sense; a photographer, writer, producer, and director. Here is his latest Director’s Reel showcasing athleticism, skill and all of the beauty and emotions that come with it.

Tim was brought up with commercial sports photography practically in his DNA. He draws upon his experiences as a teacher, coach, and team player, to plan better, problem-solve smarter and push himself, the talent and crew to deliver the very best performance possible. Combine that with his epic imagery and a degree in visual communication, and you have the makings of a stellar director with outstanding storytelling skills.

Check out his reel and follow Tim on Instagram and you’ll see the results of someone climbing, scratching and clawing his way towards being his very best, and producing work that #elicitsresponse.

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