Leigh Beisch and Eating Well Magazine: both on a mission to equate food and health

“It has been an honor to have been assigned some of Eating Well’s cover photographs, which are always fun to do! These covers feature a variety of foods and exemplify a sense of wellness.”

Leigh Beisch

By Missy Hunter

We often talk about the photographers we work with; highlighting their background, values and overall philosophy for living, working and breathing all things photography.

Leigh Beisch gives us her photographic vision through intuition, bringing a perspective of beauty and nurturing to her work. But there is something more to Leigh’s approach and the images she creates. Through her photographs, Leigh brings natural light, positivity, and highlights the goodness that food can bring. An example of her mission to equate health and wellness to food lies in her project, titled Foods + Moods. This collection of work centered on foods that bring optimism; heal us in both mind and body.

Here is where Eating Well comes in, and why Leigh’s collaboration with them is inevitable. Eating Well is a magazine dedicated to the intersection of good taste and good health. They are the “preeminent magazine resource for people who want to enjoy food that is delicious and good for them.”

Leigh had the honor of shooting the Eating Well cover for four separate issues recently. She shared her work in a blog post talking about the experience and working with Eating Well. Citing the recent March issue, “It’s about California, where I live, work, eat and cook for my family. And the story I got to photograph celebrates the amazing California Avocado! Especially relevant since it is a favorite food in my family, Eva’s friends requesting it for breakfast when they stay over. I love it as a delicious way of getting our Omega 3’s which are so good for brain health. Plus avocados are so visually appealing!”

The latest Eating Well May issue features Leigh’s cover shot and is on newsstands now!

Leigh’s photography is always an immense treat for the eyes. Follow her on Instagram for more images that nourish and nurture. And please do consider following our blog for the latest on what our artists are creating.

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