Chris Crisman’s Salute to Women Endures

“I’m attracted to ideas that celebrate the human spirit, and that will serve to show us how our drive and passion can transcend any perceived limitations.”

Chris Crisman

By Missy Hunter

When Chris Crisman isn’t working on commissioned work, he continues to expand upon his collection of Women’s Work imagery. You’ll recall we first wrote about Chris’ project and noted women’s work is not what you think, and yes, it’s never done.

At the time of our first writing, Chris had already photographed several subjects since the project’s inception in early 2016. Today, the Women’s Work project continues to thrive with almost 60 superwomen profiled and counting.

As we approach Mother’s Day, it’s fitting to point out that Chris’ influences come from his rearing from a steelworker dad and dog groomer mom. He witnessed exceptional work ethic and commitment from his parents. Beyond their hard work, Chris worked alongside his mother as she nurtured her small business. Drawn to people who labor, he believes that gender should never determine or limit job opportunities. Chris wants everyone to know that what was a fundamental value from his upbringing has now become a mission for young people – his kids included – they should seek their own path and never feel limited by the world around them.

The origins of Women’s Work started as a primarily blue-collar display of hard-working women succeeding in roles traditionally dominated by men. It has now broadened into celebrating women in fields such as technology, aviation, law enforcement, and more. Chris is highlighting women and showing us that gender bias has no place in work. This project and the purpose behind it will always be relevant.

Simon and Schuster recognized Chris’ pursuit and is publishing a book of Women’s Work where the entire collection will be on display. Beyond the photography, the book will feature the shared insight and wisdom from each woman featured in the project. This book will be released in March 2020. 

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