Thinking Outside the Box, Tim Tadder Innovates for Hyperice

In his usual, seize the moment style, Tim Tadder shot a campaign for Hyperice using color, shape, and light to create imagery, one of his first shoots with clients on set since COVID. Here is his account of the project.

The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have halted production for countless creatives. Our crew has faced a multitude of challenges, including testing regulations, on-set crew regulations, & other safety guidelines that comply with the COVID-19 protocols. Our first shoot with clients on set was for Hyperice, an innovative & highly regarded company in the performance & recovery industry.

Hyperice was looking to rebrand their company’s look & feel to put forth a high-level, premium, & upscale scientific based product that reflects the dedication to innovation & technology in the recovery space. It was the first shoot after they acquired the Normatec brand, so they needed to find a way to incorporate the new brand with their current innovation.

Their creative team came to us with the concept of using square circles as 3-dimensional set pieces to create the visual metaphor of recovery & performance as one integrated pathway. Hyperice’s products all play a part in pre & post-recovery at the highest level for optimal health. We shot the products on the square circle props as the integral piece to give each product a platform & a place to interact with the devices purposefully, showing how & where each specific device was most effective.

We had eleven models on set over two days. All of the models portrayed an athletic build to showcase the shape of the space & simplicity of the products. As we were in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, we implemented strict protocols onset such as sanitizing after each model on set, temperature checks, & enforcing N95 masks for the entire crew.

We infused yellow & blue pastel colors to create an innovative look & future-forward optimism narrative. We kept the lighting very soft & low contrast to keep the attention on the products & less on the athletes to create a connection with the process, not the person. Hyperice also added CG backgrounds later on to create inspiration with the practical devices for positive visualization. In the end, the CG backgrounds ultimately gave the images a unique & ultra inspiring feel.

One of the most interesting pieces of this shoot was incorporating a 6’’7, 17-year-old, number one recruit for women’s basketball as one of the models. She provided powerful imagery for the specific product & put forth a strong structure for Hyperice’s modern, innovative branding.

The final images for Hyperice are stunning & we are really happy with the work. Hyperice originally only wanted 30 images, but in the end, they selected 72 images in total. They loved it so much they decided to shoot their entire segments. We look forward to creating more content for Hyperice & other brands that seek to create highly innovative & out-of-the-box distinct imagery.

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