Success for Tim Tadder Means Always Staying on Top of Your Game

You can always count on Tim Tadder to test new approaches and push the boundaries of image creation. One such test run resulted in an assignment for HLA Jeans. The campaign, titled “Blurred Images,” uses long exposures, requiring close coordination from the talent and crew alike. The result is something a person can contemplate while viewing, envisioning where things began and how the final image came to fruition. Tim attempts to shed light on all of our questions in the following conversation.

Could you describe the process of this campaign for HLA Jeans? How did the idea develop and come into being?

HLA is a client that has come to me over the years to leverage my style & my conceptual, technical execution. Before this project came up, we were creating a lot of long exposure blurs, and they ultimately saw that and loved the approach, so we ran with it. 

This project has such distinctive lighting. What kind of lighting techniques were most helpful to capture the message of the campaign?

We used continuous lighting and strobes and mixed them to create this blur effect. The exposures were often longer than one second. The models had to move to one side and then to another side for this effect to take place. 

The color symbolism is incredibly impactful in these images. What led you to choose certain colors for each image? 

The colors are accents of the clothing color. We wanted to make more colors on set, but the one limitation creatively was that they needed it against a black background. We really explored the use of color for these blur images to create an impeccable tonality that employs striking composition. 

Your work embodies artistic flare and creative sensibilities. Could you talk about the layers involved in their creation and the relevance of each layer to you?

The blur effect creates a sense of eye candy for the viewer to impart & ultimately highlights the HLA clothing in a unique, timeless way. 

Do you know what it was about your work that the client gravitated to?

The client really responded to my use of boldness of color and lighting. This project ultimately created quite an incredible visual impact & lasting impression for the client & viewer alike. We still receive numerous compliments & questions on social media on how to execute this type of effect. Viewers tend to gravitate to the color & idiosyncratic approach of the blur effect.   

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