In his own words. Kevin Twomey discovers an oasis.

“On one side of the fence across the street stands a neglected Sherwin Williams paint facility, where a large-scale cleanup project to remove the toxins from the property will begin in early 2011.

On the other side of the fence, the grass is truly greener, where the eye is drawn to a freshly-mown patch of inspiration.  Transformed from a 50 x 8-foot dirt lot at the beginning of this year, it now serves as a putting green and community garden, complete with putter and golf balls, a bench
and doggie doo-doo basket.

This all has been the work of one man, Joel Devin, who can be found late each afternoon tending to this much-appreciated oasis, his reminder to us all just how much a community reaps from one man’s freely-given effort.”  Kevin Twomey

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