Just Bragging. Archive Magazine gives a shout out to Andy Anderson!

It is always nice to be recognized for your hard work.  Thank you Archive Magazine for featuring the 2nd set of ads Andy Anderson photographed for Ram Trucks and The Richards Group.  I am sure Jimmy Bonner, Kellyn McGarity and Peg Diaz are proud too!

A strong partnership is recognized.

The designers at the California Academy of Sciences are a long time client of Kevin Twomey’s. They were recognized for their excellent design by the 2010 PRINT Regional design annual.  It was interesting to read that “one of the criteria used by the Far West judge, Lucille Tenazas, was whether designers were fulfilling their role as citizens and ambassadors when it comes to working or interacting in a culture different from their own.”  She went on to say, ““Designers have the opportunity to use their skills to create environments and opportunities that engender a sense of humanity in others.”   Kevin and his design partners at the Academy have long known this to be true and are proud to be considered amongst such an elite group of designers.  Thank you PRINT for the recognition.