Feeling Very Proud.

The amount of talent in this industry is incredible. And, the amount of compelling imagery out there is endless.  I appreciate being able to see such beautiful work and connect with such talented people everyday.  From where I sit, I know that every photographer in our group is passionate about what they do and they strive to shoot the most unique imagery they can. So, when any of them are recognized by our industry for their imagery, I feel very proud.  Congrats to everyone out there who submitted and to all of those who were recognized by Communication Arts for their Photography Annual. And, of course, congrats to our group! Leigh Beisch for this beautiful Autumn Centerpiece. AutumnalCenterpiecev212475 Chris Crisman for this gorgeous Running Horses image. cc2014045 - Lone Mountain Ranch shot in Big Sky, Montana Andy Anderson for the cover of his best selling book, Salt and this haunting image for Orvis. Salt_Book_1 BirdHunting_1 Richard Schultz for one of his Logger images.  How were they able to choose? All of the images in the series are magnificent. richard_schultz_CACOMP_2015-1 And, Hunter Freeman for his imagery inspired by these awfully cold winters.  The series is aptly titled; Arctic Vortex. HFREEMAN_Arctic_Vortex_336_w1_crop_RGB HFREEMAN_Arctic_Vortex_315_lighter_w1_RGB HFREEMAN_Arctic_Vortex_199_w1_crop_RGB HFREEMAN_Arctic_Vortex_118_w1_crop_RGB HFREEMAN_Arctic_Vortex_050_w1_crop_RGB HFREEMAN_Arctic_Vortex_029_w1_crop_RGB

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