In his own words, Kevin Twomey talks about motion sickness and becoming a still life photographer.

When asked to share some thoughts about a recent shot Kevin Twomey took at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Kevin sent this along to us:

“People who know me were surprised to see this new image that I recently shot at the Santa Cruz boardwalk.  I loved the colors and the blur and the freedom that comes with being able to actually take a ride.    The irony is that for most people,  this image evokes childhood memories of fun-filled,  summer days on innocent amusement park rides.
Well, not for me.

Instead, the vivid colors of the bright  blue sky and machinery that sets the chairs in motion don’t bring me back to those carefree days.   Instead, the only motion I can think of is motion sickness.

…oh that motion….sickness…..

On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate my tolerance a ZERO  for any motion other than slow, smooth, steady and straight.

In addition to the sea swing ride on Santa Cruze’s Boardwalk, here are a few other situations that have put me beyond my threshold, seeking stable ground as well as a bathroom, a bucket or those little white bags found in the pockets of airplane seats:

-whale watching boat cruises off of the end of Long Island
-treading water in the middle of the San Francisco Bay during the swim from Alcatraz to SF
-long bus rides along curvy roads in the mountains of Jamaica
-airplane flights where the captain has had to abort his landing of the aircraft not once, not twice, but THREE times
-the taxi ride immediately after the triple landing attempt
-carpooling with a driver who loves to show off the handling of his BMW 6 series automobile
-sitting opposite my brother in the back fold-up seats of a 70’s era chevy wagon during a long, hot, traffic jammed ride down the NJ turnpike
-standing in a #15 uptown bus, densely packed with human beings and a driver who loves to pump his breaks during the evening rush hour commute

It is no wonder I am a still life photographer!”

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