In his own words, Hunter Freeman shares about the new additions to his astronaut series.

“How much more extraterrestrial can you get (on this planet) than the Bonneville Salt Flats?  When I was asked to shoot a pro bono ad out there, I decided I had to shoot the Astronaut every which way I could think of, which I did, since every direction you look it’s another picture.  And as a bonus, I was able to spend following morning going all over Salt Lake City and shooting more Astronauts.  I had a blast.  We found a seedy local bar (customers waiting at 10:30 a.m., for the burgers, truth be told, but still…), a local convenience store, and a gas station.  They were terrific.  I felt so fortunate to get more than just one shot out of this trip.  I can’t wait to go back and shoot more.  The whole area had such a great feeling of closeness.  Everyone was just the best to deal with, which made it all wonderfully pleasant – no crazy haggling, no upset business owners.  A real breath of fresh air.  So, back to planning for the next mission.  Houston, we have a go.”  Hunter Freeman

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