In his own words, Hunter Freeman shares his new love for something very small.


BMW Isetta

In his search for something new, different, inspirational or just silly, Hunter Freeman met a woman who owned a Isetta.   He spent the day photographing and shooting video of her and her car.  He was all smiles when he told us about what he learned.

“BMW actually made the first smart car, the Isetta.  Ok, it’s perhaps not the first small car made for city driving, but it is certainly the coolest one.  I mean, what other car like this has so much personality?  You get in from the front??  What were those clowns at BMW thinking?  Well, they were thinking genius thoughts, I’d say.  Genius!!  What a completely fun car to drive, and be seen driving in, right?  Yep, it kinda is a clown car.  Even back in the day, I’m sure they were turning heads.  Today, this wonderful machine, a completely restored, mint condition 1956 BMW Isetta continues to make people smile:  it spreads joy wherever it goes.  Now, that’s a smart idea for car design.”

To see the car in action, link to Hunter’s blog.  To learn more about how Hunter views the world, link to his website or email us to see his portfolio.

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