Meanwhile, upon returning from Tralfamadore…

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Hunter Freeman has been photographing astronauts in unexpected locations for years now.  Recently, he resurrected the project and added to the series.  Well, thanks to the web, they are showing up on so many unique sites.  It is fun to be recognized in worlds other than advertising.

Here is what Hunter had to say about it.

“Go figure, right?  There’s been a blast of interest in the Astronaut series, and I’ve received emails from such otherworldly places as Indiana and Connecticut, as well as the more down-to-earth locales of Sweden, France, Germany and Brazil.  Right now, I’ve launched replies to re-posting requests to a half dozen sites, and, just this morning, crossed orbits with a lady from the Channel in Canada, who was interested in using the images on one of their shows, as well as on their website.  I have to say that I really never thought about how many people might have the same humorous inclinations about these shots.  They make me laugh, but then I’m easily amused.  And now I’ve connected with them, which has been a boatload of fun.  (Am I allowed to have this much fun?)

So, now I know…They are out there…waiting for the astronauts.  They could be someone you know…Maybe even your next door neighbor.  I’ll warn you now:  Watch the skies!  Ok, well, maybe watch your mini-mart, or the gas station.  Skies are nice, too, though.

Live long and prosper.”

Here are some recent links:  Universe Today, ZME Science, Unstage, Piccsy, Portal to the Universe, Wine and Bowties, and The Fox is Black to name a few.

To see the complete series, please link to Hunter’s website. And, if you would like to feature his images on your own site, please email us.

And, for those of you who do not know what Tralfamadore is, link here.

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