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As I mentioned in a previous post, the photographers in our group have a new perspective on their businesses and are constantly looking for new opportunities to showcase their ever evolving creative talents.  Last week, I wrote about how many of them are enjoying playing with QR Codes to hopefully engage creatives on a different level.  Hunter Freeman was the first to send out his postcard with the QR Code as part of his photograph. He has been receiving a steady stream of print requests so it has been a fun way to get instant feedback.

Kevin Twomey and Richard Schultz both also embraced the idea and have direct mail cards arriving this week.  I encouraged them both to think of an idea that was relevant to their photography and the image they chose to promote.  Here is what they came up with:

Kevin Twomey

© Kevin

As is the case with many photographers, Kevin is embracing video and learning how it is relevant to his still life clients.  He has been having fun learning the technology and is looking for new ways to share what he has learned.

When he recently stumbled across Mar Glusker, a man who collects calculating machines, he knew this was the perfect opportunity to shoot both film and video. He liked the idea of not just photographing the machines but concepting an idea with the machines and the owner that utilized photography, video and sound.   He knew that together, the film and video would make for the perfect mailer and QR code reward.  With the help of Sirius Sound he directed a video that has a bit of a “STOMP” feel to it.   He is hopeful that his video is a fun payoff for those who try the scanner.  To see the link, click here.

Richard Schultz

© Richard

Richard Schultz’s images are about finding what is most unique in a situation and capturing a moment that feels true and authentic.  He uses what he finds to create a photograph that perfectly captures the emotion of the person in their environment.  He is the true definition of a “real people” photographer.

Therefore, it was not a surprise that his idea for the link from the code centered around the people he photographed for his mailer. On a recent shoot to a girls camp in New Hampshire he photographed the campers in their own setting.  He explains that “their gift to me was forgetting that I was there.  By giving me nothing, they gave me everything.”

Therefore, it is natural that Richard’s QR code links to a note from him about his experience and a more of the photographs that he took while he was there.  It is a special glimpse into a private world.  A perfect way to get us all thinking about summer.  Link here to see where the QR code takes you.  

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  1. Thank you Heather for two more great examples of creative QR code use. This tool is still so new it is inspiring to see how versatile a QR code can be when used for creative services promotion.

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