Excitement Builds Around Heather Morton’s Speaker Series launching May 24.

Starting May 24, Heather Morton will begin her CAPIC speaker series around Canada on the state of the photography industry.  She will present photo projects and lead discussions about what is really happening out there right now. Together with her special guests, they will suggest new ways of   ways of working with clients and moderate discussions on the challenges facing image makers and buyers in the ever changing world of advertising.

To help prepare for the event, she interviewed some reps, photographers and other industry professionals.  Her intent is to share the insights during her presentations and encourage excitement around the event.

Here is a clip of the interview she conducted with me.

I do hope she finds a way to share the insights from the series with all her friends that cannot attend. I am sure the conversation will  be invaluable.

I am excited for Heather and can’t wait to hear how her debut night goes.  Good luck Heather!

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