Agency Insider: Every agency can use a little Heat.

© Nei Caetano

We had the honor of being Heat’s first portfolio show in their new space.  And, what a new space it is!  We have visited many agencies and this by far is one of the coolest, we have never seen anything quite like it.  (And I am not just saying that because my husband works there – even the SF Egotist likes it!)

While we were there, we found out some interesting things about Heat that you may not know.

1) Nei Caetano, Digital Creative Director, is also an artist and Steve Stone (aka Stoney) felt that his work would make a great statement displayed in their new space.  So now, when you head towards the kitchen, you can see Nei’s work from floor to ceiling.  Check out the photo to the left.

2) They named the agency Heat because they felt that an agency is more than just the partners and it’s harder to feel a part of something if you’re working somewhere that’s named after a couple people than an entity that includes all the individuals.  Plus, every brand could use a little heat.

3) They did the coolest moving video ever.  Click here.

4) FIFA tournament decide all decisions from conference room names, to where to go for lunch and even the name of Lenny’s kid.  (Our show was in the Liberace conference room)

5) They serve margaritas and guacamole on Fridays.

6) Their end-of-year agency awards are called the Stoneys

Enjoy a slide show of our morning there.  Thanks Heat for being so fun to visit!

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