Which art buyer attended over 50 high school proms? And, WHY?!?!

When we reached out to freelance art buyer  Andrea Flaherty to contribute to our blog, she send along two posts.  The first post was featured last month as part of our continuing Solving Mysteries series.  The second post is a little less series and helps showcase the fun side of Andrea.  Even those that know her might find some of these surprising.  Enjoy!

10 things You Do Not Know About Andrea Flaherty (ok 11 – she couldn’t choose which one to delete!)

I attended over 50 high-school proms…in college as an event producer/photographer.

I am obsessed with dogs.  I will stop any dog, anywhere to pet it.

I love all types of photography and am especially drawn to night imagery of houses.

I am a huge Avedon fan.

I prefer pie to cake.

Animal wranglers are cool.

I find inspiration in meeting new people.

One of my favorite things about art buying is collaborating with photographers.

I was detained at Frankfurt Airport in Germany because of a glass rooster.

I have been remodeling my house since 2005.  No, it’s not finished yet.

I still enjoy receiving printed promotional materials from photographers.

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