Revisiting a successful portfolio show with Char Eisner and Leo Burnett

I recently went to Chicago for my annual trip to Leo Burnett.  Our regular trip to Chicago happens to be in the fall every year but this particular show is always so successful that I make a special trip.  This year, Kevin Twomey accompanied me which was an added bonus so we snuck in a few other agencies as well.  It was a whirlwind trip – less than 24 hours – but once again Chicago did not disappoint.  Not to mention the weather was 85!

Seeing how consistently well attended Char Eisner’s shows at Leo Burnett are, I thought the timing would be right to revive the post from last year that shared what made them so successful.  It was a post that received a lot of attention from both agents and art buyers.  In an age where portfolio shows are harder and harder to schedule and attendance is often sporadic, I am hopeful sharing this again will help inspire agencies and reps to think of new ways to produce great shows together.

Link here for the post:  A unique approach to portfolio shows that will help both art buyers and reps.  Thank you Char Eisner and Leo Burnett. 

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