Solving Mysteries with Ken Zane of Digitas Health

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For those of you who do not know Ken Zane, you need to meet him.  If you do, you will become instant friends.  He is not only great at what he does, but he is fun to be around.  Digitas Health in Philadelphia is lucky to have him as their Senior Art Producer.  There is never a dull moment with Ken and when you are with him, you feel like you have known him for years.  When we asked him to contribute to our Solving Mysteries series, he did not hesitate.  No surprise there.

How do you search for photography nowadays?

I like to look though magazines, search online at sites such as the WorkBook and LeBook.  I also speak with other art buyers.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration almost everywhere, museums, friends, Photographers, Art, sometimes just walking down the street you will suddenly notice something that moves you.  Mostly, I get inspiration from people who are condifent and driven by their own personal vision.

What are you reading online?

I am reading Art Space, Nowness, Saatchi online, Fashionartisan; among various other sites for inspiration.

What are photographers doing lately to stand out from their competitors?  

I think a photographer’s personal vision is what makes him/her stand out.

What does your client value most from a photographer?  Does that differ from what you value?  And, has that changed  over the years?

I think we all value team work, honesty and integrity.   I also always appreciate someone who is passionate about what they do and who will go the extra mile.

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