Hunter Freeman is NOT responsible for this!*

© Hunter Freeman –

When I first saw Hunter Freeman’s new series of work, “Kids with Power Tools,”  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  Did he really do this?   When I asked him what he was thinknig giving power tools to kids, here is how he replied.

“It’s not like any of you haven’t thought of doing something like this yourself.  Of course you have (it’s ok to admit it, especially the guys).  Everyone’s been a kid, and as you recall, one of our young life’s goals was to maximize the fun we had.  So, why not do that again?  In my case, since I am no longer seven years old (except, perhaps, mentally), I thought that I’d just grab some little munchkins and some power tools and see what the h*!! would happen.
As we all know, you need the right tool for the right job.  In a bit of a switch (if you’ll pardon the pun), I started with a tool.  First up, a Milwaukee brand Hole Shot Corded Electric Drill with 1/2″ chuck – an awesome piece of equipment that can drill through anything.  Next, where shall we drill?  Why not a little home improvement?  There’s always room (several rooms in fact) for improvement.  So, cabinets it is! And, of course, they can always use some ventilation! Next, ask one of the neighbor’s sweet kids to make some nice, pretty holes in another neighbor’s cabinets. (Mazie was such a dear, hard-working helper, btw)  Then, just capture the fun.  Here’s how it all went…
Hunter:  “Ok, Mazie, the little trigger makes the drill work, so just press it and push the drill nice and slowly into the cabinet.”
Mazie:  “Mr. Freeman, are you sure it’s ok that we do this?”
H:  “Oh, yes, Mazie, it’s just fine.”
M:  “Um, are you sure, ’cause the Lerners aren’t home right now.”
H:  “I’m sure they won’t mind at all.  Ok, let’s go ahead!”
M:  “Ok.”  (sound of drill)
M:  (shouting)  “This makes a lot of noise, but it’s really fun!”
H:  “It sure is, Mazie!  It sure is!”
When we finished, we packed up my gear and swept up (didn’t want to leave a mess).  Mazie asked if she could borrow the drill, but I told her that I don’t lend my tools to just anyone.  But, I told her, I would be happy to let her use another one, like my disc sander.  I told her how it could make tons and tons of pretty sparks when you grind on a metal surface, like on a car.  She was really really excited about doing that.  I asked her to start looking for a really nice car to try it on.  She was totally up for that.
*Hunter Freeman is not responsible.  And is shocked, shocked he says, that your son/daughter said he gave them the idea to do something like that.

© Hunter Freeman –

© Hunter Freeman –

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