10 Things (well 11 things) you may not know about Kevin Twomey.

When Kevin Twomey sent along his list of 10 Things we may not have known about him, it included an eleventh item.  He told us that we could choose the ten that we wanted to use.  We liked all eleven so decided to share them all.  Enjoy!

1. My bike: I  love steel frames, the struggle of going up hill and sometimes enjoy riding with no hands –  I have a plate and 10 screws in my right arm to prove it.

2. My nick name in college. was “Shaggy” as in the Scooby-Doo character .

3. I recently went in for a routine cavity filling and now the right side of my tongue constantly buzzes.  the dentist says just wait a few months…

4. Yes, I’m one of those bay area folks that has swum from Alcatraz to SF

5. I’m a  foodie but can be just as satisfied with a peanut butter sandwich…..on a nice piece of artisan bread

6. Dark chocolate (70%) can come from anywhere but  Fruits! & Veggies,  Local please!

7. I am the youngest of six

8. Tennessee William’s is my favorite playwright .

9. One of my first jobs was as a dishwasher and to this day, i don’t let my wife load the dishwasher.

10. Other  occupations I had considered were  theatrical set design, forest ranger and at the age of 10, a stuntman.

11.  when I went into kindergarten, i switched hand dominance from left to right, but thee are a few things i still do lefty like batting and bowling

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