Hunter Freeman Shares Insights from his Portfolio Roadshow.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 3.20.03 PMHunter Freeman recently redesigned his blog and started posting more content.  One of his first articles shared his experiences on two recent trips to show off his portfolio at events in LA and NY.  In typical Hunter fashion, his approach is thoughtful and light hearted.  It is no wonder that he came home talking about all the new friends he made.

The one sentence that struck me in the whole post was the following:

“I met more people in two days – just two evenings, really – than I’d be able to meet in a week of traveling and coordinating appointments.”

We have been talking a lot about this in our group lately and are convinced that attending events like At Edge’s Face to Face , Fotoworks, and Debra Weiss’  (invite only) One on One are the most efficient way for photographers to show off their portfolios.

To read more about his roadshow experiences and how Hunter made his meetings meaningful, link to his blog directly.

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