In his own words, Kevin Twomey wonders about full body scanners, firewalls and bomb detectors.

© Kevin Twomey -

I sympathize with photographers when they say they never feel like they have enough time to shoot for themselves.  There are always tests to plan, website updates to make, direct mail cards to print and calls to place.  Knowing that,  I am always extra impressed when a photographer shares with me something unexpected for them.  It tells me they pushed aside their to do lists and found the time to shoot something just for themselves.  Often times, that is worth so much more than another item crossed off of the list.  Here is a recent share from Kevin Twomey when he spent the day in the Marin Headlands.

“Just on the the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, opposite San Francisco, lay the Marin Headlands.  It is a place where you can get to an elevation above the bridge towers to take in the beautiful panoramic views of San Francisco Bay.
Blended into the scenery, bunkers and batteries dot the landscape, revealing its military history of protecting the Pacific coast from attack.

While photographing one of the batteries recently, I could not help but think about the words “Homeland Security” and how, 70 years ago, it was represented by these massive concrete structures that housed guns that fired 25 miles out into the Pacific Ocean.  A far cry from today’s full-body scanners, firewalls and bomb detectors.”

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