Photographer Insider: 10 Things you didn’t know about Hunter Freeman

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One day when I was at breakfast with Hunter Freeman we were sharing stories about ourselves that the other didn’t know.  We were enjoying the conversation so much that we thought it would make a fun blog post.  Here is what Hunter Freeman wanted to share:

•   I  was handcuffed and put in the back of a police car and taken a the police station.  To this day I swear it was because I had long hair.

• I  used be able to tell you all about Fourier Series, Boundary Value Problems, and Vector Analysis.

•  I photographed a Secretary of Defense in the White House one hot, summer day.

• I earned money doing calligraphy while I was an assistant.

• Along with four or five good friends, I was almost suspended from high school in my senior year because of an article we wrote for the school’s underground newspaper.

•  I was pulled aside by airport security for carrying a (real) Navy flight helmet.  (They let me on the flight, thankfully.)

•  I used to play A LOT of bridge in high school.  A LOT.  (Can you picture me in high school yet?)

•   I ground my own telescope mirror as a science project.  (Now can you picture me in high school?)

•  I look for joy in everyone I meet and everything I do.

•  I had my picture taken with a live, 8 foot alligator, and no, her jaws were not taped shut.


If you want to learn more about Hunter Freeman, be sure to check out his blog.

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