Social Getworking and the Missing Panelist: Adding an Art Buyer’s Point of View on Social Media.

For those of you who were not in attendance, the San Francisco APA held a very successful event on how to integrate social media into an overall marketing plan.   I sat on the  panel which was moderated by photographer and APA board member Josh Bobb.  Social media guru,  Miki Johnson, opened with a presentation that set the tone for a successful evening.  Together with Timothy Archibald (photographer and blogger) and Miki Johnson, we then answered questions about how to make social media a more effective part of a marketing plan.

It proved to be a very informative conversation for many.  We shared our philosophies, visions and reasons why we think social media is a crucial part of any photographer’s marketing plan.  So many good tips came out of the discussion that I wrote a blog post about it.  20 Important things to know about social media and the photography industry.  It continues to be one of the most linked to posts on this blog; illustrating how much photographers are craving this information.

After the panel, I was contacted by Alison McCreery of POP Blog fame to see if we could continue the conversation.  Miki had suggested adding an art buyer into the mix this time so I contacted Jill Hundenski from Team One Advertising.  She had recently contributed to our Solving Mysteries series (publishing August 23rd so check back) so I hoped she would be open to the idea.  Luckily she was.

Hence, the title; The Missing Panelist.

The results of our conversation are published on the APA’s blog.  Here are some of the topics we discussed:

1) How art buyers are using social media in their discovery and hiring process

2) The role of a blog,  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools

3) Why photographers need to learn to write about their work

4)  Can you be discovered without social media?

4) The increasing importance of the treatment

To read the interview in its entirety, please link to the APASF blog.

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