We love our village. Sharing photos from Le Book Connections in Los Angeles.

Lauranne and I used to joke that our office used to consist of me, Lauranne and the “Fedex guy”.  Well, now that we hardly send out portfolios, it is just she and I.  We appreciate getting to travel because we are reminded of how special it is to be part of this wonderful community of friends, colleagues and peers.  Every trip rewards us with opportunities to connect with old friends and make new ones.  It is one of the best parts of our job.

On a recent trip to Los Angeles to present at Le Book’s Connections event, we were not disappointed.  We were able to spend the day getting caught up with not only friends from LA but many from out of town as well.  And of course, had an ample opportunity to make new connections as well.

We have a strong village and enjoyed spending the day with them all.  If we still had a “Fedex guy” I am sure he would have been jealous.

Enjoy this slideshow and see for your self what a great time was had by all.

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