Andy Anderson thinks it is all his fault.

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Over the years, I have developed a relationship with Andy Anderson’s son Zach Anderson.  I have watched him grow up to become a wonderful young man.  Just like his father, he is extremely talented and has dedicated so much time and effort to learning everything he can about photography.  I have always been impressed with the opportunities that have come his way and how he is learned from each one.  

Recently, Andy was telling me how proud he was of his son and it made me wonder what it was like for him that Zach chose photography as a profession as well.  Here is what Andy had to say about it.

“How many times have you heard someone say, “When I grow up I want to be President or a lawyer or a doctor, etc.”?  Well in my house the vocation of choice was a little different. My son Zachary has always had a love for film and photography. Since the age of 14 when he lied about his age in order to work at the local movie theater, he has been OBSESSED with the medium.

At the age of 16 he attended the New York Film Academy and make a 16mm black and white short, and was awarded “Best Film” and returned again the next year to make a 5 minute short and was awarded “Overall Best Film.”

Link here for Zach Anderson’s award winning video.

After many putting the hard work into his education and his drive to make images, he took off for New York for inspiration. He had a 6-month internship at Men’s Journal and Rolling Stone. After that, he was able to narrow his focus to another obsession…MUSIC.

Finally done with NYC he moved to Austin, which is a perfect fit for him. There he landed a position as first assistant for the wonderful and talented Brent Humphrey and in doing so, found a photographer and a style he was attracted to.  Now he is truly learning and finding his voice, which is quite different than mine, but I love it.

So I guess I’m to blame for his obsession. He has taken this passion and is going somewhere with it.  Although our styles are much different, I am proud that I was able to imprint on him a passion for whatever we do and that is special.”

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