Jason Lau, Senior Art Producer at Team One, Solves Photography Mysteries

Jason Lau, Senior Art Producer at Team One is one of the nicest, happiest and easiest art buyers to get to know.  Every time I see Jason he has a smile on his face and is always happy to say hello.  When I asked him for a photo to include with this post, I was not surprised when he sent this one along; with him smiling of course!

Jason was so happy to send along a submission for our Solving Mysteries series and for this we are very appreciative.
•  How do you search for photography nowadays?
I tend to use agent websites then I link to the photographers sites to see more. I use a few resources to get a new idea of what’s new out there, like “Go See” or occasionally LeBook if it’s a genre I’m not familar with. I always keep an eye out when I’m looking through magazines. It never fails to get recommendations from collueagues in the industry to get more information about new or a particular artist and how they work. Network, network, network!

•  Are you noticing any trends in photography that you find exciting?

The lastest trend that I see is that more and more photographers are shooting video. They’re learning to be more of a director and having a DP while they shoot. It’s interesting seeing artists that you’ve known for awhile translate their still photography into motion. 

•  What are you reading online?   

 I am reading Convoy.tumblr for the simple design and slick content, Thefashionista.com  – you can’t beat men’s fashion, Grassrootsmodern.com great design, and Thesartorialist.com – self explanatory! 

•  What is the last image that got your attention?

The lastest from Giles Revell! 

•  What does your client value most from a photographer?  Does that differ from  what you value?  And, has that changed over the years? 

I think having great amazing work is first and foremost. I think what can be accomplished during the shoot with the budget that is given also plays a large role as well. As we all know budgets are not the same as they use to be and the need for different content has changed over the years.   I value when an artist has a point a view, it brings much more to the table.  I love when all parties are collaborating with each other. The end results tend to be much more fulfilling!

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