Remember your Keds?

Kevin Twomey recently completed a project celebrating Keds sneakers over the years.  He was struck by how nostalgic people are when it comes to their Keds and decided to showcase the shoe over the years.  It was a fun idea and allowed him to work with a great stylist as well.

Here is what he had to say about it.

“The PRO-Keds sneaker is such classic footwear that some people who grew up wearing them talk about them as nostalgically as the first car they ever owned.  This love for the PRO-Keds inspired me to collaborate with stylist Dylan Difranco, to tell a story about a fictional character through his dedication to his PRO-Keds. We start off when he is a teen in the mid-70s and follow him through the 80s, 90s and into the new millennium, with snapshots of his environment showing the omnipresent sneakers, suitable for any stage of his life.”


prokeds_80s 8599_work_01pro keds 90s 8802_work_01ProKeds2000V7Final3_original

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