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Seeing that we are about to head into a long weekend, we thought it would be a good time to repost the Community Table San Francisco posts in case you didn’t have time to read them all when we first posted them in April.  I got the idea to do this from Chris Crisman’s blog post about a new series called Required Reading.  Chris explains what this series is about best in his own words below.

“It’s not often that we have the time to slow down and really immerse ourselves in a good article, book, or magazine. When the opportunity affords itself, we’re often looking far and wide for a good read that’s worth the time. Whether that can be found on the bookshelves in the studio, the stack of magazines on our desk, or queued up in an RSS feed on the web, the sheer amount  information is plentiful out there – it’s just a matter of filtering out the junk. Lucky for you, we have a new monthly series on the blog that cuts through the crap and shares inspiration and information that we find especially valuable. Consider it required reading.

Entire books and endless magazines are devoted to the craft, technique, and technology of photography. With enough time and enough patience, almost anyone with a camera can learn the skill-set and train themselves to see light, shape light, and make beautiful photos. Alternatively, there are countless artists in our creative industry that create beautiful work but have no experience or knowledge in the business of photography. It’s not easy. The business is not often discussed; mainstream attention tends to focus on the “how-to” of making photos, not becoming a commercial photographer. Thankfully, the information is out there. Our rep Heather Elder writes an excellent blog that often delves into the business side of photography.

One of the most insightful articles she writes is The Community Table, a series of conversations held directly with the top minds in our industry. Most recently she sat down with a dozen Art Producers in San Fransisco to discuss topics touching on everything from the state of the photography to licensing and usage, copyright, and the bidding process. In all honesty,  you’d be hard-pressed to find a more informative yet personal look into the business of photography today. Do yourself a favor and set aside some time to read through The Community Table San Francisco.”

Community Table SF – The Appetizer Part I

Community Table SF – The Appetizer Part II

Community Table SF – The Main Course Part I

Community Table SF – The Main Course Part II

Community Table SF – Dessert Part I

Community Table SF – Dessert Part II

Community Table SF – The Digestif

To read Community Table Los Angeles and NYC, please link here. And, to read more of Chris Crisman’s Required Reading, link to his blog here.

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