The Meaning of Life as Shared by Hunter Freeman

I have known Hunter Freeman for almost twenty years. He has taught me the true meaning of joy (one of his favorite words).  His appreciation for his talent, this industry and the creative opportunities presented to him have always reminded me to take a second and be thankful for those very things in my own life.  His sense of humor is like non others and to be friends with him is a very special thing.

I was so happy to receive in my inbox the answers to Chris Crisman’s  Meaning Of Life questions.  It was no surprise that the answers made me smile, laugh out loud and of course take a moment to remember how grateful I am.

If you want to know what Hunter would do if he knew the world was ending, who he thinks should play him in the movie of his life and the one shoot that he credits as the best shoot ever (think sock puppets and, link here to read the answers yourself.

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