New Work + More New Work = A New Portfolio for David Martinez

Over the last year David Martinez has been working to create an entirely new body of work.  To go with that new work, he has designed a new format for his portfolio.  Even though clients rarely ask to see the portfolios now, we still get to show them off at events and on trips that we take so the effort is well worth it.

Here is what David had to say about his new portfolio.

“Being a photographer means having to continue to see and to evolve. Making new work and a new presentation is a source of both pain and joy. There are some images that I love – but may not be relevant to who I am as a photographer today. This nostalgia is replaced by the excitement of adding newer work that represents who I am now. 

The work is always changing – but the process of editing a new book never changes. Somehow you know when an image feels right in the flow of things. 

It’s good to take a look at what I am doing and how I am showing it, evolving the presentation and taking stock of where I’ve been. The plan is to get as close to sharing the work that I love and best represents who I am at this point in my journey. I’m happy to say that my new book feels right to me today.”


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