Heather Elder Represents Launches a New Website.

For any of you who have updated a website you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to do so.  Now, multiply that by 8 photographers with many portfolios each!  As expected, the process was slow but well worth it in the end.

We could not have done it without the help of Cheryln Quan of Heat Advertising, Taya Curtin and Lauranne Lospalluto in our office, APhotoFolio and of course our amazing photographers and their studios.  Thank you everyone for helping make this happen!  We are very excited to have a site that reflects so perfectly who we are as a group.

To check out our site, please link here.  And, remember to empty your cache if you have been to our site lately so you see the latest version.

Here are our four favorite things about the site:

•  The Thumbnail grid view.  We like this so much that we opted for this view to be the primary way to see the imagery.  Being able to show a range of imagery up front allows us to tell the photographer’s full story right from the beginning.

•  The large images.  A bit old news in the industry but we are happy to finally have the images as larger as they are now.

•  The ease of which we can add images, create portfolios and make revisions.  Thank you APhotoFolio! The back end technology of this site is so easy and user friendly, it took no time at all to learn.

 There is no limit for the number of images we can share.  We of course do not want to overwhelm the user with too many images but not having an image number restriction has been very helpful.  Some stories just take longer to tell than others!

•  There is no limit to the number of portfolios we can add.  Again, thank you APhotoFolio!  We love that we can create multiple portfolios within each photographer’s section and that we can still have our SPECIALITY portfolios as well.  We want creatives to be able to search by PHOTOGRAPHER as well as SPECIALITY and this site makes that very easy.

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