2013 in Review, Sharing Some of our Most Popular Blog Posts.

Lauranne, Taya and I want to wish you all a very happy holiday and hope that you enjoy some time off to be with your family and friends.  Since our offices will be closed until Monday, January 6th, we won’t be posting anything new until then.  We thought though you might enjoy some of the most popular posts from 2013 in case you missed them.

We will be back strong in 2014 with a new Community Table series focused on Art Production with our friends in Chicago as well as many more important conversations.

•  Our most popular blog post ever, Dear Photographer, reminded us all of what the agent/photographer relationship is all about.

• Ever wonder what it is like to be on the road with a rep?  Check out 6 Days, 7 Airplanes, 18 Taxis, 4 Hotels, 40 Appointments and 100s of Handshakes and Hugs Later.  Or, what it is like to work with an agent?  Check out this podcast recorded live with APhotoEditor.

•  Did you happen to catch our new Agency Book?  When we re-created it, we made sure to come up with presenting the work in a way that no one else was doing.  Check out the video here to see what we did.

•  Did you know that Ice Trolls invented drinking?  Andy Anderson did.  Or that if you mix Oil and Water you witness a strange magic?

•  Chris Crisman spoke about photography in length with Patrick Onofre for his Staying in Focus podcast.  Have a listen here.

•  Thinking about transitioning to video?  I wrote a post about what to consider when doing so that you may find helpful.

•  David Martinez found a new camera that helped him evolve his look and has a new book to prove it.

•  How about portfolio show events?  Considering attending or just want to know what art producers think of them?  This post started a series about this conversation.  Be sure to scroll through and find the other posts on this subject as well. And if you are interested in what a photographer has to share about these events, link here and read what Kevin Twomey had to share.

• Required reading, Community Table San Francisco, a conversation with San Francisco based art producers about licensing, copyright and the bidding process to name a few.

•  Looking for the Meaning of Life?  Ask Hunter Freeman.  Or, Richard Schultz.

•  Our newest photographer, Tim Tadder, shared some insights into what is important when photographing famous athletes.  He should know, his portrait list is quite impressive.

•   Thank you Chris Crisman for one of the coolest retouching time lapse videos around.

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