Andy Anderson Delivers for the US Polo Association. Here is How.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.48.52 AMLast fall, Andy Anderson was awarded a dream project. He was asked to photograph players from the US Polo Association on location at the International Polo Club in Palm Beach, Florida.   Not only was he photographing beautiful athletes but he was doing so for their first rebrand in many years.  In order to deliver on such a high profile project, it was important for Andy to stay focused and engaged.   When I asked him for the 5 most important things he did on this particular shoot to ensure its success, here is what he had to say. 

1. Engage the Client.  As is the case with any project, a good photographer needs to LISTEN to their client’s needs, find out what the project message is about and what is their marketing strategy. Once you have total and firm grasp of these keys points it will make the rest of the process go smoother.

2. Be Excited.  From start to finish – from first phone call to delivering the imagery.  Your enthusiasm needs to be contagious.  No one else can express this for you, nor you agent, your assistant or producer – just you.  If the project is something you are genuinely interested in, show it.   Doing so will make a powerful difference and the creative process and ultimately the imagery will be better off for it.

3. Research.  Do your research.  And then do more.  It is amazing what you can find out by asking the right questions and learning about the subject some on your own.  You never know what you will find and how it will influence the direction of the project and imagery.

4. Be a Creative Partner.  From the first creative call to preproduction and post production, it is important to bounce ideas around, have input and inspire new thinking.  . You are commissioned to bring the client’s vision to life and this takes partnership.  There is no other way.

5. Deliver.  Not just creatively but timely.  Your client has real deadlines and being able to meet them is a crucial part of the project.  It seems obvious but even so, it must always be remembered.

To see the images from this project, please link here to the portfolio.

4 thoughts on “Andy Anderson Delivers for the US Polo Association. Here is How.

  1. beautiful work AS ALWAYS from AA. Here’s a question, and maybe you Heather Elder have some insight: the sun flare / glare, prominent in a few of these shots and ubiquitous in contemporary imagery — when will we encounter the next cliche? When you look backwards in advertising and editorial imagery, trends emerge. The SunFlare is this period’s crutch. It’s pretty, it speaks to audiences and advertisers and art directors and agents picking their talent but what trend are you seeing that is next?

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