David Martinez’s Style is Perfect for a Library Shoot. See For Yourself.


1Library shoots have become the rule and no longer the exception.  It is rare when we get a call for a project where a client just wants one image.  They have come to appreciate (and expect) the added value that comes with shooting scenarios rather than one single image.

David Martinez, a lifestyle photographer in our group, embraced the library shoot concept from day one.  In fact, the idea of shooting scenarios is so in tune with how he approaches all of his shoots that he immediately felt at home when the clients starting asking for more and more images.

Here is what David has to say about the library shoots he has been commissioned for recently.

” I love when the photo market lines up with the way I shoot naturally and instinctually!  I’ve always loved to shoot a lot of images, quickly, trying different angles + perspectives and attempting to figure out multiple visual questions in a short period of time. This style of shooting where speed and efficiency matter so much – have often resulted in some of the favorite images I’ve ever made. There’s something about letting your visual instincts reign that produces imagery that feels really authentic and lived in. ”

Take a look at a few of the image libraries I’ve done recently. And to see more of David Martinez’s photography and video work, please link here.

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