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Kevin Twomey is a self professed Instagram addict.  I love that.  And, I love his images.  More accurately, on Instagram, I “like” them.  I like them so much, I asked him to write again about his love affair with the app and share some of his latest work.  If you have not already discovered Kevin Twomey on Instagram, it is a guilt pleasure indeed.  Take a second to check his work out and then follow him.  You will have plenty to like.

Even after a day of commercial shooting in the studio, with high­end cameras and all of the weighty equipment that entails, my drive to capture the overlooked beauty in everyday objects continues. Unfettered by technical specifications that must be met, I can just point my 4­oz iPhone & shoot, and using Instagram, process and publish it in seconds. The payoff just doesn’t get any more direct!

I suppose, of all the addictions I could have, Instagram is one of the more positive ones. It’s a great right­brain exercise that’s available anytime, anywhere. Its ease and speed can keep up with my ADHD­like tendency to jump from photographic theme to theme, capturing everything from an underground train ride to a plane trip at 30,000 feet, from an ancient redwood to the newest city architecture. It enables me to turn photography into philosophy in, well, an instant.

Better hope the DEA never regulates this app…. it’s one addiction I don’t want to have to go into rehab for.

If you want to see what I am doing on instagram, please follow me at kevin2me

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