Andy Anderson Thanks You for Validating His Madness.

Andy Anderson is one of the most humble photographers that I know so when I learned that he received recognition for 10 images in Communication Arts’ Photography Annual, I was not surprised by his reaction. proud and grateful.  When I asked him to share a post for our blog about the images, here is what he had to say.

“I  will never forget when I went into a B Dalton bookstore over 20 years ago the impact of looking at a Communication Arts Photo Annual. The images that filled the pages were superb. The effect that the photos had on me were life changing. I said to myself if I could to make photos this good, well than I would have accomplished something.

Fast forward 20 years and Communication Arts has been instrumental in the success of my business. Its very very important for all photographers to have a venue to show their work in a place thats is viewed by their peers. So much of our business is about validation and even though award shows should not be a validation……it is. Our industry is insecure and these high visabilty publications somewhat alieviate those insecurities.


The madness I posses is my need to always find new and interesting subjects to capture. Personal work is and continues to be a motivating ingredient to my ability to stay inspired and curious and without that life would be very boring. Its imperative for all photographers to create work that is outside the confines of the projects they were hired to do. All of the great creatives I have known over the years have always gravitated to my personal projects. Creatives want and need to see what gets you the door to shoot.


The results of my craziness to always be curious were selected for this year Communication Arts Photo Annual. Camel Lake, and Oil were some of the subjects I’m attracted to. Having them selected that were juried by my peers and included amongst all the other wonderful images by photographers I truly admire was humbling, and I’m transported back 20 years to that first CA..


Thank you all for validating my madness……”

To see this post and others on Andy Anderson’s own blog, please link here.

And to see more of Andy’s work, please link to his website here.


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  1. Humble and thankful is exactly what we should be as photographers. People allow us into their lives and allow us to capture a slice of their life. Andy understands our role is to make our subjects the hero not ourselves.

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