Here is the Holiday Perfect Gift Idea. And, an Award Winner at That.

I am exited to share that Andy Anderson’s book, SALT, published by Rizzoli Books, won the Design and Artistic Merit category of the 2014 National Outdoor Book Awards.  The description paints beautifully with words what Andy did with imagery.

“Dazzling.  Simply dazzling.  Andy Anderson, the photographer of Salt, is a consummate artist.  His dramatic photography combined with an equally dazzling design has created a book that is utterly exhilarating in its depiction of the sport of coastal fishing.  Anderson comes at the subject from all angles, from close-up to afar, from eye-level to point-of-view, and from under water to its misty surface.  His palettes range from brilliant color to sepia tones to stark black and white.  It is a masterful merging of design and photography, a true work of art.  The final touch to this outstanding volume are a series of engaging essays by noted fishing author Tom Rosenbauer.”

For the photo minded, or fishing obsessed friend – this is a great giftLink here to see a video preview.

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