Our Most Popular Blog Posts for 2014.

It is crazy how time flies and another year has already passed. Lauranne, Taya, Vanessa and all of our Photographers want to wish you a very happy holiday and hope that you can enjoy some time off with family and friends. And, if you have some extra time, we thought you might enjoy catching up on the posts you missed. Here are some of our most popular.

And, thank you for all of your support. We appreciate all of the conversations you have started and kept going. We will be back strong next year with new Community Table posts as well as some new contributors that will help keep things exciting.

Happy New Year!

• Want to see what Andy Anderson looks like and what he has to say about sustaining his career? Link here for his APE interview recorded live at a truck stop somewhere.

• I doubt any of you question why an art producer should be on every set, but just in case you need to convince someone else, check out this post.

• An ECD from Goodby Silverstein & Partners and a Producer from Leo Burnett remind you here why the creative call is so important.

• Chicago Art Producers gather for our first ever Chicago Community Table event to discuss, The Art Producer, Past, Present and Future. There are 8 parts and the link provided takes you to all of the Community Table posts so be sure to click around to find the posts most interesting to you.

• Ever wonder what the secret is to being considered for pharmaceutical photography? Freelance art producer Amy Salzman shares her insights here. Chris Crisman lends his photography to show how it is done.

• We have been representing Tim Tadder a little over a year now. Are you interested in learning more about him? His interview here tells all.

Hunter Freeman had a job before advertising? Apparently so.

• An art buyer was curious about what Kevin Twomey liked to shoot most. His answer is here.

• Ever wonder what photo agents talk about when they get together? Check out this Community Table Agents post.

David Martinez explains what it means when a client asks for a ‘no production’ production and how it is working for him.

• Apparently there are bad questions. Just kidding. But link here anyway.

• To this day, please still tell me this was the most honest interview they ever heard in our industry. Ut oh, what did I share?

• Thinking of attending a portfolio event? Check out what this anonymous art producer had to say about them.  It must be good. It is anonymous!

• I Reviewed Portfolios at Photo Plus and Here are the Seven Things I Said Over and Over

• Wondering what makes a great treatment? So did I so I asked 10 art producers. Link here to read what they had to say.

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