Celebrating Freelance Art Producer Suzee Barrabee

A few weeks ago, we reached out to Freelance Art Producers via our blog and social media to see if they would be interested in joining FreelanceArtProducer.com, a website that other art producers looking to hire freelancers could use to more easily find them.  The results were overwhelming and we received emails from freelancers and non freelancers alike thanking us for starting the website.  In less than a month we added some of the top freelancers in our industry, have commitments from many others, and have offers from industry resources to help promote the site on their own sites.  We have even heard from some people on the site being contacted for gigs and a few even landing the jobs!  All this, without any promotion to the actual art producers who are doing the hiring.

Well, now that the site is well populated, we wanted to begin to promote it.  And, to do so, we ask each person on the site to answer 1o questions about themselves and the freelance art producing world.

Since Suzee Barrabee was one of the first freelancers on the site, we honor her with the debut blog post.

If you think the site is helpful and Suzee’s post is interesting, please do share it and let your art producer friends know about this new resource.  And, if you do share it, let us know that you have done so.  We have a little something for you to say thank you.

Ten Things We Thought Were Intersting to Ask Suzee Barrabee

Where are you searching for photography or other content needs nowadays?
Everywhere. Instagram, Behance, Trendland. My fellow art producers. I even found artwork that I loved at a county fair (the artist was 14).

What are you known for in the art buying/producing world?
Besides for longevity… I would hope kindness, sincerity and honesty.

Do you have a motto?
“Always try to have an option B and option C.” And, “Find something to laugh about every day.”

How about a favorite place to produce a shoot?
Usually the place doesn’t matter as much as the people you are with. I did a shoot in the desert once where it was 117 degrees, but we sure did have a good time at the pool party after we were done!

If you decided not to art produce any longer, what would you choose to do?
Work for a foundation and give money away. But somehow incorporate travel into that mix. (And maybe still make a little bit of money.)

How do you describe your job to your mom or someone else not in the industry?
Haha. That has been the challenge for many years. My mom is a lawyer so I need to use very absolute, business-oriented terms such as… “I negotiate. I organize. I schedule. I estimate.” The creative nuances are harder to get across, but she does like the fact that I get to travel. And most importantly, she is happy that I am happy in my job.

What are some surprising facts about you that you would like to share?
I am a big mush-pot about my dog. I am a TV-aholic and really think that the abundance of good shows is almost overwhelming. And the abundance of bad shows is also overwhelming.  I am a clothes-aholic and love “vintage” clothes. But I like “cheap and cheerful” and sometimes “quantity over quality”.  I love to travel and I love that feeling you get when you realize you are so far away from your home base and your regular routine. That’s when the real adventure begins.

What is the last piece of creative that caught your attention?
I have friends who post photos on Instagram of wheatpaste art, wall graffiti, truck graffiti and “Mattress artwork” in New York City. When you start looking, you realize that creativity is all around. (Check them out at westofdirty on Instagram or just take a look around your city.)

What do you love about your job?
The talented people I get to work with and the friendships that I have made over the years.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday?
Spooning on the couch with my dog. Big cup of coffee, maybe brunch. Back on the couch. Long walk with my friends and the little dog. Back on the couch. Capped off by The Walking Dead on TV.

To hire Suzee or to check out her profile on FreelanceArtProducer.com visit Suzee’s page here.



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