In Case You Missed Them, Here Are Our Most Popular Blog Posts from 2015.

It is amazing that our blog turned 5 years old this year.  It has been such a wonderful vehicle to stay connected to the community, start conversations about important industry topics and to just share some fun and interesting things happening around us.  We want to take this time to thank all of you for your support and all of your kind words.  It is inspiring knowing how much the blog is enjoyed and can’t wait to see what 2016 brings us.

If you have missed out on some of our posts, here are a few of the most popular ones.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

Heather, Lauranne, Taya and Vanessa.

  Richard Schultz reminds us the importance of prioritizing when it comes to library shoots.

•  Andy Anderson reminds us about the importance of craft and tradition with a post about Beretta and their 500 year history.

•  Our friends in Minneapolis shared with The Community Table their secrets for hosting a successful portfolio show.

• Ever wonder what an art producer would say anonymously about portfolios and websites? Link here to find out.

•  Tired of receiving so many email blasts?  We tried something new and it is really working!  Thank you for your support!

•  If you aren’t tired of hearing what I have to say, link to this ASMP interview.

•  Curious about what it is like to work with a cost consultant?  Consider reading these two posts.  The first one is contributed by a cost consultant.  The second one is from an art producer’s point of view.

•  Must reads on copyright with insights from a fantastic San Francisco attorney.  Post 1Post 2.

•  Up there as one of my most favorite posts ever.  Thank you Christopher Winton Stahle for the reminder.

•  Sheri Radel Rosenberg shares insights on the Instagram craze.

•  Have you checked out yet?  It is a huge success and still growing.

•  Want to know how to turn a personal project into a commerical projectTim Tadder tells all.

•  Authenticity at its bestDavid Martinez.


•  A must read for all photographers – Dissecting the Terms and Conditions

Andy Anderson explores his viking roots.

•  Endlessly imaginative and still laughing. Of course it is about Hunter Freeman.

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