Kyleigh Dooley from JUICE Pharma Worldwide Shares Her Experiences as an Art Producer

Kyleigh Dooley is just getting started in the industry, but after quickly transitioning from project manager to art producer at JUICE Pharma Worldwide, she’s proven to be more than capable of making an impact in any role she fills.  I knew that the second I met her, not only was her smile contagious but so was her enthusiasm for this business.  Right away I knew I wanted to share her story on the blog.

In the following interview Kyleigh talks about getting her start, the parts of being an art producer she loves most, and what she wants to be known for on her team.

Not all art producers take the same path to their job.  Where did yours start and how did you end up as at art producer at Juice Pharma Worldwide?
During my time at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I was always involved with advertising. I majored in Fashion Merchandising and Entrepreneurship for the Fashion and Design Industries (as you can tell, not quite the traditional path of a Producer). My studies heavily involved learning about market research, product development, trends in the industry, and finances. Advertising was a big part of my education. As I was coming out of college, my brother, who also works for JUICE Pharma Worldwide, suggested I apply just to get my foot in the door.

I applied for a Project Management position, and began working at JUICE a few weeks later.

Through college I worked for wedding photographer Vanessa Joy. She was a great mentor and an incredible businesswoman. Working with her, I realized my love for photography.  BUT, I didn’t want to be the one taking the pictures, or be the subject in the photos: I wanted to be behind the scenes with the crew.

Once I started at JUICE as a Project Manager, I was very involved with all the disciplines (Account, Art, Production). Working with each group, I realized that my passion for Creative Production didn’t go away once I left school, and I really wanted to pursue it here at JUICE. I reached out to our Creative Production lead, Allison Candage, and expressed my interest in joining her team. After a few months, and many conversations, I joined the Creative Production team as a Creative Production Coordinator earlier this year.


How does being an art producer differ than being a project manager?
As Project Manager my job was to guide the brand team through each step of creating, submitting, and producing tactics for the client. I had to be organized, process oriented, and flexible. Often I find myself using the same methods for art producing. One noticeable difference is I am not dedicated exclusively to one brand any longer. My focus has to be on all our brands and making sure that each brand team has the tools they need to have a successful production.

What are the most important skills as a project manager that transferred over to an art producer?
Organization, process, and problem solving.

I feel like I am a stickler for process (but in a good way!) I think that process helps me to stay on task, and keeps me organized and able to plan for the work that needs to be done. 

When I was a Project Manager, I would constantly be fixing issues that would arise on the day-to-day. As an Art Producer, the issues are still there, just in a different form. When you are surrounded by a good and supporting team, the issues seem to get worked out and the process keeps moving forward.

Being trained in both Project Management and Creative Production has given me a great and sturdy platform to grow on. I’ve learned that no matter what profession you work in, there will always be challenges that need to be overcome. With that mind-set I will always keep growing, I will always stay sharp, and I will always be an asset to my team.

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Did you always know you wanted to work in advertising?
Yes – I always knew I would end up in the advertising industry; which part was a total surprise!

I loved flipping through magazines and looking at beautifully lit and styled images, copy that drew a person in, and products that were made to look so fabulous that I just needed to have them… I suppose I am a great consumer too!

How do you explain your job to someone who does not work in the industry?
I am a Creative Production Coordinator: I schedule portfolio reviews, maintain relationships with vendors, and act as a liaison between vendors and the creative teams, to name a few tasks. I also purchase stock imagery for the creative teams and clients, and I assist with managing photo and video projects.

Which aspect of your job do you wish you had more time to explore?
All of them! I am so excited to be learning new processes, tricks of the trade, and being able to fully grasp the expectations of the pharma industry. I have greatly enjoyed meeting a multitude of new people and gaining new relationships, whether they be vendors or new team members.

As I grow in this profession, I want to also grow in my style. I’ve learned that not everyone does the same thing the same way, and that is totally okay! I want to explore new and innovative ways to support our JUICE teams.

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What are you becoming known for on your team?
Only being a part of the Creative Production team for a short period of time, I hope to be known for a few things as my career grows.

I hope to be known for my enthusiasm and positive energy. I want to be viewed as approachable. Also, someone that will contribute to the team in a supporting way.

To see what Kyleigh’s been up to and to keep tabs on JUICE Pharma Worldwide, check out their website here.

Thank you Jimi Stine for help with the post.

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