Answering Questions One on One for The Breed Podcast Series.

In my experience, many photographers who do not have agents have many questions that are not easily answered.   So, when I agreed to be interviewed by  photographer Adam Marc Williams for the Breed Chats Podcast, I was hopeful that it could provide some much needed insight into what agents think about all day and answers to some frequently asked questions. 

On the podcast, we talk about the many moving parts of photography and art production in general including how I got my start in the industry, the relationship between rep and photographer, and the best ways to make those connections and keep them alive and healthy in the age of social media.  And, if you decide to listen, you can also hear what I have to say about:

  • Instagram as a professional platform
  • Do photographers need to specialize and a given genre?
  • The origins of Freelance Art Producers
  • The need for and evolution of One Emailer a Month
  • The advice she’d advice her 20 year old self and best advice she’s been given 
  • What emerging photographers can do to stand out and succeed in such a fiercely competitive industry

Listen here!

Many thanks to Andy Anderson for use of the cover image. And thank you Jimi Stine for help with the post.

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