The Beauty of Production; Photographers Working Together

Leigh Beisch recently shared a post with me about collaborating on a project with another photographer that I thought you might enjoy.

A recent project came my way that required stills and video. The project was with an Art Director who I had worked with in the past, who knew my style and thought that I would be a good fit for the project. When a client shows me that kind of support for my work, I will pretty much give up my first born for them. The project grew to require video as well as still work done. While I have shot video before, I felt that I wanted my main focus to be on shooting the stills for the campaign, so I looked for a videographer to partner with.  My rep, Heather Elder suggested another one of her photographers as someone to collaborate with on the video portion; David Martinez. I have known David since we both shot for Health Magazine (he shot the yoga shots, I shot the food) so felt that we would work well together. I like the idea of photographers working together. Here are a few snapshots of the shoot (which was so much fun! Hard work, but so much fun!) I can’t share the photo we took just yet!


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