Expos, Billboards, and Babies: 10 Questions With Raquel Duarte

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Today, we are featuring Raquel Duarte an art producer who is lives in NYC.  From the looks of her profile, there isn’t anything she doesn’t do!  From managing photo shoots and post production timelines to negotiating bids and searching for stock photography and tracking asset management, it is not wonder her clients say she is concise, efficient, professional and confident.  She has to be to get all that done!

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Where are you searching for photography or other content needs nowadays?
Online, word of mouth recommendations and most importantly to me: live events. 

Websites: google search engines for photography directories, Instagram, Pinterest, photorep websites, Wonderfulmachine,  Lebook, and others.

In person: Palm Springs Expo NYC, Fotoworks, PhotoRep events, gallery openings, photographer events, studio parties, etc.

What are you known for in the art buying/producing world?
My sensibility for both parties. I am known for being very honest and fair in my production style and negotiating skills.  I work with the client and the photographer’s best interest at heart and am always very honest in protecting both and managing each’s expectations. It is important to me to cater to everyone’s needs, be reasonable, keep everyone happy and create great quality work.

screen-shot-2017-02-11-at-12-07-14-pmDo you have a motto?
Identify and learn from a mentor, earn the title, pass on the knowledge and respect.  I’ve been extremely fortunate to have worked with some really phenomenal and impactful individuals. I have personally selected a hand full of their best qualities which I have absorbed into the character and person I am today and have made a point to pass on that knowledge to the next generation and deserving people that I come across.

How about a favorite place to produce a shoot?
Even though it’s so close to home I always look forward to shoots in LA. You get the NYC aggressiveness but with warmer weather!  I’ve produced in Argentina, Barcelona, Africa etc. International waters always present challenges that I welcome.

If you decided not to art produce any longer, what would you choose to do?
Open a newborn & children’s daycare center for the low-income class community. There is a huge need to take action and give support to families. Financially and educational. Children should be fed properly per the growth needs and be motivated creatively and with the knowledge necessary to foster their intelligence.  Children always manage to surprise me, with their raw truth, candid answers and  innocence. It’s refreshing.

How do you describe your job to your mom or someone else not in the industry?
“You know those ads in magazines, that come in between the pages and stories you are trying to finish reading…? I put those in there.”

“Look up to that billboard, that’s my ad”.

“I hire the photographers and models to make the pictures”. (This one is the most often used for my family. Can’t get any simpler that that!)

What are some surprising facts about you that you would like to share?
I secretly enjoy the rush of a challenging job and problem solving something that seems impossible up front.  I don’t take “no” for an answer. If it cant be done one way, it can always be done another way. It’s my job to figure out all the pieces to the puzzle, present options and get the job not just done, but done well.

What is the last piece of creative that caught your attention?
‘Temptations’ – cat food ad (It takes a really confident client to allow for their product packaging to be completely ripped up and showcased on a page and billboard. The message that the cat loves that food, couldn’t be any more clearer). Gutsy. Genius. Memorable.  I wish more clients took risks and stopped questioning simple ideas, that usually have a greater meaning. Clients need to start trusting their creative team and give them the liberty to shine.

What do you love about your job?
The talented people I get the honor to meet and work with.  Throughout my career I have met incredibly talented people. I’ve been amazed and blown away at certain individuals thought process and creativity. It’s with great honor that I get to materialize their ideas.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday?
Usually outdoors, somewhere with no electronics or wifi. Being under the sun and in nature, puts life in perspective, centers me, brings me tranquility, focus and keeps me sane.   Hiking, camping (and car camping doesn’t count), relaxing at the beach, going for a swim, whitewater rafting or kayaking, are just some of my favorites.

Thank you Leigh Beisch for use of your imagery.


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