#GivingPhotography: Photographers donating prints to help victims of the Northern California fires.

Who would have thought just one week after #GivingPhotography started we would have another disaster that could use our help. This time in a part of the country where so many talented people in our industry live and others come for our incredible locations. Photographers if you are looking for ways to help, please consider donating a print to the #GivingPhotography drive. Be sure to include #GivingPhotography and promote on your social media. Everyone else, please search #GivingPhotography on Instagram and Facebook and consider a donation to a relief effort in exchange for a print.

Here is how the idea works:

1) Choose a print that you are willing to donate. Any size, any photo, any subject. (This is completely self directed.  You do not need to have your print approved and you do not need to track your donations)

2) Post a photo of it on all social media accounts with information about the photograph and why it is special to you.  

3) Clearly state how many prints of the image you are willing to donate; especially if there is only one available.

4) Ask people to make a donation to the fire relief of their choice and then post a screen grab of the receipt for the donation in the comments of your post to prove that the donation was made.

5) And finally, include the hashtag: #GivingPhotography

And if you are looking to make a donation in exchange for a print, be sure to search #GivingPhotography on Facebook and Instagram.

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