Art Producer Essentials For Your Every Shoot

On a recent production with Chris Crisman, the crew shared more than just their desire to get the perfect shot.  According to Hannah Wolfert, the Senior Art Producer for Video & Art Production at Syneos Health, more than half the crew were wearing Patagonia brand jackets and everyone was singing the praises of the portable speaker that Chris was using. It made her wonder what products and brands were other producer’s must haves and reached out to me to suggest a blog post.

So, we polled some producers and complied an {unofficial} list of essentials for any photography shoot.  Send us your go to brand or product and we can add it to the post.

Patagonia Jacket
Robert Luessen, Chris Crisman’s producer,  recommends this brand because of the “great quality, great warranty, and great costumer service.” 

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Fjallraven Coat
Patagonia not your thing? Darcy Diamond’s favorite brand is Fjallraven. Their coats are comfortable, comparable in price, and sleek in style.

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Black Converse Chuck Taylors
Another recommendation by Darcy Diamond. You can’t go wrong with a classic.

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Aviator Nation Shirts
These shirts are versatile, soft and stylish. Perfect for a long day on a shoot.

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Dansko Clogs
Hannah Wolfert swears by Dansko clogs because she can wear them all day without any back pain, “sometimes they’re the only shoe I’ll pack!”

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Hunter Rain Boots
Recommended by Paige Dorian who says they are perfect for working outside in less than ideal conditions. “Great for mud and rain and still easy to run around set in.”

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Salomon Shoes
Comfortable for hours? Check. Waterproof? Check. Easy to remove for airport travel? Check. Noah Wilker of Digitas takes these shoes everywhere and recommends that you do too!

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Herschel Fanny Pack
Anne Curran Small loves wearing this fanny pack, in spite of the fact that she “may look like a dork, but its so efficient and stores all of the necessities (sharpie, shoot schedule, hotel room key, sunscreen, phone) and you can clip your walkie on it”

Courtesy of Anne Curran Small

Swell Water Bottle
If you shoot with David Martinez, you will receive a Swell water bottle so that agencies and clients can help help reduce waste! Bonus: Swell bottles have patterns and design for every type of person.

Courtesy of

A Yeti Cooler
Essential for travel days to keep drinks cold for days.

Courtesy of 

Mac Sports Collapsable Folding Cart
Many photographers recommend a collapsable cart because it makes packing and moving all necessary items around set easy, safe, and efficient.

Courtesy of Vail Palmer-White


Canon Mobile Printer
Monica Zaffrano and Vail Palmer-White swear by this printer as it’s one of the smallest on the market and easy to have with you on set.

Courtesy of

Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker
Vail Palmer-White loves to use this for conference calls on shoots. This speaker makes it so you don’t have to crowd around one cell phone

Courtesy of Vail Palmer-White

Genius Scan App
This app makes working on the road a breeze. Use this to scan and send back contracts, receipts or releases from wherever you may be working.

Courtesy of


Do you have a must have product you want to share with us?  Let us know and we can add it to the post.




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