Welcoming Doug Menuez to our roster: A Witness to History

We are so excited to welcome Doug Menuez to our roster!  A consultant friend of mine once said that Doug’s work reflects not only his deep commitment to visual story telling but also reflects his deep understanding of the human condition and all our shared fates. His imagery takes us from sensitive topics such as birth to mortality but also strives to show us the richness of the in-between — the emotions, the aspirations and the conflicts.  This is exactly what drew us to this partnership.

Welcome Doug!

It is also fun to share that Doug was recently interviewed for Fearless Genius Project gallery showing for theimpression.com. Menuez states; “after touring the world since 2012, starting with the Moscow Photobiennale, my Fearless Genius exhibition finally touched down for the first time in Manhattan and opened at Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim’s HG Contemporary Gallery in West Chelsea. And wow, what a night we had with such a diverse, global yet truly NYC crowd who totally packed the house and wouldn’t leave. Now I’m working to find and document the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs- who will be the next Steve Jobs and where will she come from?”

Read the interview here!

2 thoughts on “Welcoming Doug Menuez to our roster: A Witness to History

  1. Hey Heather, Hey Dougie,

    Congrats to you both for your great new adventure together, happy to have been part of the journey! It is a wonderful happening when two talented, top professionals who give a LOT and always their BEST team UP!

    The Post looks wonderful Heather.

    Much Love from gloomy cold Vermont, thanks for making my day. I wish you both huge success this year.


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