Andy Anderson on The Photo Banter with Alex Gange

Andy Anderson was recently featured on photographer friend Alex Gange’s podcast; The Photo Banter.   Alex has been interviewing some amazing photographers lately so it is an honor to be included.  Thank you Alex!

In the  podcast, Anderson and Gange talk about Andy’s unconventional path to photography. Here are some highlights but be sure to download it, it will be so great to put a voice to the name!

•  Andy turned his passion for a life lived outdoors into a lucrative career starting off as the first staff photographer at Men’s Journal.

•  The two touch on Andy’s work at the 2002 winter Olympics and how he has worked with just about every type of camera, both film and digital, and enjoys developing his own photographs at his studio.

•  Andy emphasizes how living in Idaho is actually an advantage, contrary to popular belief that anything and everything is shot in New York or LA.

Want to know where Andy is traveling next?  Be sure to listen to the end.

Link here to listen the podcast in its entirety.


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